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Auto Detailing Services, Packages, and Prices

Put your car in the care of a full-service detailing team that works around the clock and seven days a week to thoroughly clean your ride. Detailz Fine Auto Cleaning ensures that you look good driving to any event or destination in the Washington, DC area. Our car cleaning services also includes packages that come with only exterior and interior detailing.

Detailing Services

If your not sure what you need or on a budget we can tailor a package for you. There is no pressure. We will work with you so you can get the best value available.

Detailing Packages

Size List
Vehicles are categorized by size and difficulty in detailing. Price varies by the size of your vehicle. Please refer to the size list:  

Small - Compact, Two Seater (Examples: Miata, M/B SLK)  
Medium - Small & Medium Sized Sedans (Examples: Honda Civic, BMW 3 Series) Large - Large Sedans & Small SUVs (Examples: 5 Series BMW, Lexus 330)  
X-Large - Large SUVs, Mini-Vans, & X-Large Cars (Examples: Toyota Sienna, Range Rover)

Bronze Package


Clean rims, tires, and fender wells

Gently hand wash exterior and dry with spray polish and microfiber towels

Dress tires

Clean door and trunk jambs

Gently wipe down dash, door panels, seats and dash

Clean windows and mirrors

Vacuum carpets, seats, and trunk

Silver Package


Clean rims, tires and fenderwells

Gently hand wash exterior and dry with spray polish and microfiber towels

Machine polish and seal exterior with a foam pad

Dress tires and exterior rubber and plastic pieces

Lightly Clean leather, dash, door panels,and headliner

Shampoo  carpets, seats, mats, and trunk with a low moisture one stage process

Dress leather seats, door panels, dash and console

Clean windows, and mirrors

Gold Package


Clean rims, tires and fender wells

Gently hand wash 

Remove bugs and tar

Dress tires and exterior trim

Perform a 5 step paint protection process

-Clay bar painted surfaces and glass

-Hand polish paint and emblems with microfiber towels

-Machinge polish exteior paint with foam pad

-Apply a polymer sealant

-hand detail emblems and trim

Thoroughly clean leather seats, dash, door panels, head liner and console using compressed air and boars hair brushes

Thoroughly shampoo seats, carpets and mats with a low moisture two stage process

Clean headliner

Dress leather seats, dash, door panels and console

Clean glass and mirror surfaces

Meticulously detail every nook and cranny to give your vehicle a like new appearance.

Person Cleaning a Steering Wheel

A La Carte (starting prices)

Pet Hair Removal $50

Paint Correction $100

Head Light Restoration $75

Shampoo Carpets $35 per row

Shampoo Seats $30 per seat

Leather Cleaning $30 per seat

Overspray Removal $200