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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Detail Your Vehicles

It is essential to condition and seal all surfaces of your vehicles to protect it from the outside environment, whether it's the sun or rain. Detailing will protect your paint, metals, rubber, plastics, vinyl, and leather from costly repairs or replacement and will keep your vehicle looking its best.

Person Detailing The Moter

Why are your prices higher than most detailing shops.

We would rather apologize for the price than the quality of work. We have 3 Master Craftsman with over 10,000 hours of experience each. We know what products and techniques to use when detailing. We do it right the first time. That's why we employ the best.

What products do you use?
We use a variety of professional grade products and cleaners. Mostly biodegradable.

What should I do if I have bird dropping, sap, or any other tree pitch on my vehicle?
Wash it off immediately.  Bird dropping and sap are terrible for you vehicle's finished.  Prolonged exposer to these, will leave an etch in you clear coat.  An etch is a basically an exact outline of where the contaminant was.  The only way to remove an etch, is to wet sand and buff the affected area. If the contaminant was left too long, and the etch is too deep, the only solution is to repaint.

Can you tailor a package to fit my budget?
Yes.  If you have a certain budget that you do not want to go over, bring the car down.  We can walk around it and come up with something together.

What size vehicle do I have?
Please call us or e-mail us with your make and model and we'll let you know what categories your vehicle falls under.

What happens if it rains on my appointment day?
We are located in an area that receives weather from each of the four seasons; we tend to deal with rain most often.  Almost all details are performed indoors at our garage, or your garage, so we can still detail on rainy days.  If the weather is too bad, we will simply reschedule the service for a later date at the convenience of the customer.

How long does paint sealant last?
Typically, six months (compared to many other waxes that last 1-2 months!). We suggest a paint sealant every six months.

My car is new. Do I still need it detailed?
Absolutely! New cars have usually been sitting on the lot or have been in transit for months before you drive away with it. New car dealerships rarely carry out full details on new vehicles, so there is a plethora of contaminants in your car's paint. Having your new car detailed will start you off on the right foot and ensure there is a proper layer of wax or sealant on the paint.
Person Washing a Car