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How to Choose an Auto Detailing Company

It may seem like an easy thing but choosing a reputable auto detailing company to take care of your vehicle is important. This is because your vehicle is a priced possession and only a good auto detailing company can take care of it the way it deserves. This means choosing an auto detailer that has the skill, experience, equipment and time to do a proper job. It is in your best interest to pick the right auto detailing company for you so that your vehicle remains in great condition always.

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How Does Road Salt Affect Your Car?

Road salt is going to be everywhere during the winter months and helps to keep vehicles on the road as the surface become slippery. It is usually said that road salt is bad for your car’s paint but is there any truth to this? We will look at this comprehensively and help you with auto cleaning tips to deal with this winter menace.

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