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4 Auto Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Shape During Winter

4 Auto Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Shape During Winter

4 Auto Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Car in Good Shape During Winter

Your vehicle is exposed to harsh conditions during the winter, different from the summer time but equally as harmful. There is so much dirt, road salt and snowfall during this time of the year that can cause harm to your car’s outer parts. Not only can you suffer damage to your paint finish, it could also cause rusting and other damage that can depreciate your car’s worth when you put it up for sale or trade-in. We at Detailz Auto Detailing recommend that you pay special attention to your car during the winter to prevent damage, wear and tear in the winter people.

Auto cleaning regularly helps to protect your car during the winter and keep it running smoothly and reliably. Before you have the chance to bring your car to our workshop for professional auto cleaning, here are a few tips to keep your car in good shape in the winter:

1. Frequent car washing

Snow, dirt, road salts and other substances common to the winter period al contribute to make your car really dirty and prone to rust. The salt can also make the protective sealants on your car’s exterior deteriorate and get damaged. Use a high-pressure sprayer to remove dirt and snow from the bumpers, wheels and undercarriage where rust is likely to occur. Auto Cleaning with warm water and a washcloth also goes a long way for hard-to-reach areas.

2. Apply paint protective sealants

Paint sealants help you to provide a protective layer on your car’s exterior to protect it from the harsh winter. Most paint sealants contain polymers and synthetic wax that help to keep road salts and water from sticking to your car. It also keeps your car from scuffs and chips that could be caused by grit and flowing water.

3. Clean car carpets to prevent salt stain

You can clear stains from melted snow and road salts from your mats and seats by using a solution containing half-distilled vinegar and water. A hard brush will loosen the dirt from the interior and return your car to good shape. If your seats are made of leather, use a conditioner containing aloe for effective auto cleaning.

4. Caring for your wheels and undercarriage

There are many protective sealants that help to protect your wheels, rims and brake pads from winter woes. These tire sealants help to reduce the rate of rust or oxidation on the tires. You can also get special acid-based cleaning solutions that help clean brake dust, wheel residue and salt build-up. If you have bare alloy wheels, use non-acid sealants to prevent rust.

Final thoughts

Regular auto cleaning using the services of a professional auto detailing company will go a long way in preventing expensive repairs to your vehicle and keep it looking new and fresh all year long. Bring your vehicle to us at Detailz Auto Detailing today for a professional detailing experience guaranteed to restore your car to its best shape. Call us to make an appointment on (202) 333-0324.