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Dangers of Automatic Car Washes

Dangers of Automatic Car Washes

Dangers of Automatic Car Washes

Automatic car washes are easy to use, fast and fun according to most people but do you really know what you are paying for at a drive through car wash? The reality is no. Even though your car comes through at the other end looking bright and clean, it is not the best for your car as it could ruin your vehicle’s paint and damage the protective finishes that keeps your car from everyday wear and team. That is why we recommend that you give your vehicle the auto detailing care that it deserves by using a reliable auto detailing service to wash your car.

Here are some of the dangers of automatic car washes that you don’t know about:

1. Damage to your wheels

A lot of drive-through car washes, particularly the old ones need your car wheels to be put on rails to move your car along the car washing line. When these rails are latched on to your car, they can scratch your rims and even cause damage to your tires that could make them go flat later on.

2. Recycled water is used

When automatic car washes claim to be eco-friendly and water-saving, what they really mean is that they endeavor make the best use of water. Even though they may have purification systems in place, your car is being washed with the same water that has gone through the car wash and mixed in with chemicals several times. There could also be grit and small particles in the water that can scruff your car exterior during the wash especially at touch car washes. This could damage the protective coat of your paint and cause wear and tear.

3. Strong cleaning chemicals

Most auto car washes make use of cost-effective industrial cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. What happens after these products are used on your car is that you get a shiny clean-looking car, but the acidic nature of the cleaning agent can erode your vehicle’s paint job and damage the wax film that keeps dirt away. Coupled with the aggressive contact from the brushes, you can get your car scuffed and scratched during the wash.

4. Poor cleaning of accumulated dirt

Touchless car washes do a good job, but they are unable to clean trouble areas of your car especially if it has been some time before your last car wash. Built-up dirt still remains and once the initial glow wears off, your car looks even worse that it did when you took it to the car wash.

Get yourself a professional auto detailing today

Protect your vehicle today and keep it in the best possible shape by letting our professional detailers with over 25 years of experience work their magic on your car. At Detailz Auto Detailing, we provide you with a comprehensive and convenient auto detailing service that will have your car shining with the personal touch that befits it. We help protect and maintain your vehicle’s paint job, rims and undercarriage in ways that will make your vehicle the envy of the neighborhood. We are open every day of the week and also offer 100% service guarantee on our auto detailing service for you. Call us today to book an appointment on (202) 333-0324 .