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How to Deal with Foggy Car Windows

How to Deal with Foggy Car Windows

How to Deal with Foggy Car Windows

Irrespective of the climate of your vicinity, if you want a comfortable temperature in your car, you will be faced with foggy windows. If you are in a cold climate and use your car heater often, you would notice that your windows get foggy after some time. People in warm or hot climates also experience fogging when air conditioning. To get rid of the fog, set the temperature inside the car to match the environmental temperature.

The presence of fog makes it difficult to see the road clearly when driving. Fogs are potentially dangerous making it essential to keep your windows clear, no matter the weather.

When you have colder outside Temperature:

When you have your car heater on due to outside low temperature, fog will build up from the inside of your glass. To defog your windows, here are some options:

  • For a Quick Fix:

    Set your heat to maximum temperature since hot air does retain water. Switch on your AC; it will suck the moisture from the air when it travels over the cooling coils. Then switch off the recirculation button to bring cold and dry air into the car.

  • In Alternative:

    To keep the car temperature warm, keep the defroster on to circulate warm air to the windshield to absorb the moisture. If you have the re-circulate feature in your car ventilation system, turn it off. With this on, your car’s heater or AC does not suck air from outside; instead, it recycles the air inside.

When the outside temperature is Warmer

You will have moisture condensing on the outside of your car; there will be moisture on the outside of your vehicle’s glass. Just like the above, your aim should be getting the temperature of your vehicle to match what you have outside. To do this, you need to try to get your car’s inner temperature warmed up. We recommend the following step in defogging your vehicle:

  • The first step is to activate your windshield wiper to get rid of condensation temperature until you have a balance of temperature.
  • Get the AC setting to the lowest to warm up your car so that the temperature gradually rises without making you uncomfortable. At times, this might not work. The best bet is to turn the AC off completely.
  • Keep the recirculation system off: You need this to keep foggy windows in check to make the moisture level and temperature in the vehicle to gradually sync with what you have outside.

Foggy windows are bad, and plain uncomfortable. Attempting to see and drive through it is a hazard. Be sure to keep these tips in mind to increase your driving safety, whatever the weather.

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