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How to Get Rid of Tree Sap from Your Car

How to Get Rid of Tree Sap from Your Car

You were probably were driving around a park, and you decided to park your car under a shade, in this case, a tree. Then you begin your stroll around without thinking about how much tree sap your pristine finish will potentially be carrying by the time you get back to your car. You may have heard about the different home remedies used to clean off tree sap such as using alcohol and other cleaning suggestions. But before you use any of those options, have you considered what effect using any of those things would have on your car? Why not go in search of a reputable auto cleaning expert to help you clean your car or give you tips on how to clean tree sap from your vehicle?

First off, let's look at the problem of having tree sap on your car. When you allow the sap to stay too long on your car, the water will evaporate to leave a sticky mess in which other debris carried by air would have been trapped in the sticky substance. This dirt and debris will then eat through your car's coating. You might then think that running your car through the car wash at a gas station will scrub your vehicle clean. No, it wouldn't. A quick wash cannot soften the sap because only warm water can melt the sugar in sap.

However, a quick wash can solve the problem is if you caught the sap before it dried up. In this case, you will need warm water, a solvent spray to dissolve the sap and a microfiber cloth that you will soak in the solvent. Place the soaked cloth on the sap for a few minutes. You have to make sure the solvent spray is safe for use on your vehicle's paint. If you are in doubt about the brand of solvent spray to use, consult with an auto cleaning expert for recommendations.

Once the solvent has softened the sap, use the clean side of the microfiber cloth to wipe off the sap. A good solvent gets rid of sticky messes so if the mess is not cleaned off on the first wipe, do not hesitate to soak the cloth and wipe the area again until it is spotless. At this point, all that you will need to do is clean any residue left behind with a clean new sloth and an auto detailing spray. Wipe the affected area properly to make sure no contaminant or dirt is left behind. For a more effective sap removal job on your car, an auto cleaning expert such as Detailz Fine Auto Cleaning offers the best services. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.