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Some Auto Detailing Myths You Should Avoid

Some Auto Detailing Myths You Should Avoid

Some Auto Detailing Myths You Should Avoid

There are some myths out there about car detailing that could be harmful to your vehicle. These myths have been spread over time by inexperienced people. However, keeping yourself updated is very important to keep your car in top condition.

Do not follow advise from someone who claims to be an expert in car detailing service. Arm yourself with the following auto detailing might. It might save you hundreds of dollars.

1. Dishwashing Soap Can Clean your Car perfectly

Many people believe that a dishwashing detergent is enough to clean your vehicle. Since it cleans dishes, it can get the job done perfectly. However, the issue is dishwashing detergent is strictly made for cookware only. Cars, on the other hand, need more care other than a dishwashing soap can offer to make it shine and protect it. Also, there is the tendency that a dishwashing soap will gradually get rid of the polymers on the paint making your vehicle dull.

2. A Shining car is a Clean Car

Anything shiny is nice and cleaned. However, it is only your eyes that interprets it this way. The eyes are not equipped to detect the condition of the car paint accurately. When you rub your hands on it, it will be rough. To get a better idea, rub your hands on the car immediately after washing and some hour after washing. You will understand the difference.

3. Swirling will get rid of Swirl Mark

Waxing cannot take care of swirl marks. Cleaning a swirl mark is a function of the intensity of the swirls. Paint cleaner for instance is all you need to fix a minor scratch. A moderate scratch will require serious attention. When you have deep marks, you need to contact a professional.

4. Polishing and Waxing is the Same

Polishing and waxing have different roles when it comes to car detailing. With waxing, you keep your paint protected and intact, adding a coat of silicones, resins and polymers. Polishing on the other hand gives a high glass surface, giving your vehicle a pleasant look.

5. T-Shirts Will do a terrific Cleaning Job

T-Shirt, flannel etc is not recommended to clean your car. This is because T-shirts have a plain surface. With these, they cannot pick up dirt the way a microfiber would. Instead, they would grind across the paint finish.

6. Wax protection Last for a year

Anyone that tells you is only using it as a marketing tactic. There is no sure guarantee it will last this long because many factors like weather affect the durability of the car wax.

7. Waxing removes the Need for Paint Finish

While waxing will keep your vehicle surface protected, you still need protection from other damages such as tree sap and leaves. Getting rid of this from your vehicle requires a mist and wipe product.

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