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How to Detail a Car Engine

How to Detail a Car Engine

How to Detail a Car Engine

If you plan on showing a car at a car show or are looking to get top dollar for your used car, then detailing the engine is essential. People feel better about an automobile when the engine looks great. It is sure also to impress the judges, and it may help you win prize money. The process of auto cleaning a motor can be complicated, however, because there are parts that you do not want to get water or cleaner on. To not get burnt and keep your engine in great shape, you should detail the engine when it is cool.

Cover Essential Parts

The first step that you need to do is to cover the air intake valve as getting cleaner into it can clog up the filter causing the engine not to burn the right fuel mixture. You should also cover the alternator because if you get water on it, then it may short out. You also should block water from entering any other filters along with specialized equipment that is on the engine that is not intended to get wet.

Spray with Degreaser

Your next task is to spray the engine with a degreaser following the manufacturer’s suggested directions. While using a degreaser will not remove all the grease and grime, it will go a long way towards making your engine clean. You will also want to use degreaser on the outside of all fluid containers. Pay special attention that you get the degreaser on the engine bay. Once you have sprayed all areas, then spray any areas that remain dirty again.


Rinse the engine until you get all the degreaser off. If you notice dirt and grime remaining after you rinse the engine, then use a wash mitt to wipe those areas. You should have a wash mitt just for this purpose as you do not want to take the chance that you will spread grease and oil to any other surface on the car. Since there will be areas that you cannot reach, you will also need a detailing brush.

Blow the Engine Dry

The next step is to blow the engine dry with a special blower. If you do not have a unique blower, then use compressed air. You need one or the other as there will be areas of the engine that you need to dry that you cannot reach with a towel.

When you are done cleaning the engine, then you still need to protect it with a layer of wax to make sure that it stays looking new. If you do not have time to detail your car correctly, then call Detailz Fine Auto Cleaning Inc to do the job for you. They promise to have your auto looking great when they are finished with the auto cleaning.