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Keep Your Car Looking New by Choosing the Right Car Color

Keep Your Car Looking New by Choosing the Right Car Color

Keep Your Car Looking New by Choosing the Right Car Color

Most car buyers purchase a particular car because of an instant emotional attachment. If you are in a business where you need your ride always to look sharp, however, you must choose your car’s color based on the facts. Some colors are much harder to keep clean than others. Before signing on the dotted line to buy a new car, consider these facts.  


Ask anyone who has ever owned a black car, and they will tell you that they are almost impossible to keep clean. They show everything, and you will be continually polishing it or paying for auto detailing. Black interior, however, hides dirt best than any other color, but you will notice the superficial dust. Black cars also get hotter in the summer. Vehicles of this color also show more paint flaws.  

Dark Metallic Blue

While it is not black, a dark blue car also shows a lot of dirt. It may stay a few degrees cooler, but these cars still heat up in the sun’s heat more than a lighter-colored car. This color car tends to show tree sap a lot more than most car colors.  


When detailed beautifully, a red car is beautiful. It is easier to keep clean than a black or blue car. Red cars, however, tend to show swirl marks. Therefore, it is harder to get polished to perfection unless you are a professional when it comes to auto detailing. While it is an urban legend that red cars get more speeding tickets, owners of red automobiles certainly have an emotional attachment to them.  


If you guessed that silver is an easy color to keep clean, you would be right. Many auto detailing professionals think silver cars are the easiest to keep clean. They do not show the road grime, which is a common problem with a white car. Additionally, many dirt marks seem to fade into the background with these automobiles. These cars do not build up much heat in the summer, making them a perfect choice for the summer road trip.  


White cars are extremely easy to keep clean, and they reflect almost all heat. Therefore, many choose them as their favorite car color. White cars, however, will show road grime worse than other light-colored vehicles. If you pick a white car, consider going with a darker interior because interior dirt will not show up as quickly.  

Choosing a new car color can be hard. It is easy to keep your new car looking sharp, however, when you work with the professionals at Detailz Fine Auto Cleaning Inc. These professionals know exactly how to get your car spotless inside and out. They can also give you great tips on keeping your car that way. Scheduling a visit is never a problem, so provide them with a call today.