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Protecting Your Car During Summer

Protecting Your Car During Summer

Protecting Your Car During Summer

You probably would not think of spending much time out in the sun without taking steps to protect you from the sun’s harmful rays. You may leave your car parked in the sun for hours each day without taking steps to protect it. Over time, this dangerous practice can ruin both the inside and outside of your car. Here are some steps to help you protect your car this summer.

Check Fluid Levels Regularly

In the summer, it is not unusual for your car to get over 180 degrees under the hood. If you encounter a traffic jam, then the temperature can quickly rise to over 220 degrees. Therefore, you need to check your fluid levels regularly as the heat can cause them to evaporate. Keep your eye on the coolant, transmission fluid, and oil levels.

Have the Battery Checked

Summer’s hot temperatures can put an added strain on your car’s battery. Running your air conditioning puts extra pressure on your battery. Fluids inside your battery may not work correctly or evaporate as the temperature rises. Therefore, you should have your battery checked at least twice during the summer by qualified professionals.

Check Your Tires Regularly

It is especially important to check your tire pressure regularly in the summer months if you want your tires to last. When you properly inflate your tires, they also do a better job of gripping the highway, which may help you and your family stay safe. For every 10 degrees temperatures go up, your tire pressure will go up one pound per square inch. Your car’s warning lights will not warn you when your tires are overinflated.

Inspect Your Car’s Air Filter

There is typically more dust and debris in the air on warmer days. Storms brewing near your place can also have an effect on the amount of dust in the air. This dust can stop up your car’s air filter. Eventually, it can even destroy your car’s air sensor, which is responsible for feeding your engine the correct mixture of gas and oxygen. Therefore, it is vital that you check your car’s air filter on at least a monthly basis.

Get Your Car Detailed

Summer temperatures can harm the inside and outside of your car as dirt gets baked onto its surfaces. You can help slow down this process inside your car by using reflective sun panels on the front and rear windows. You should have an auto cleaning company, like Details Fine Auto Detailing Inc., hand wash and dry your car regularly. You will also want to have them detail the inside and outside of your vehicle to protect its surfaces.

Summer is a great time to play in the sun but take the time to take care of your car’s summer needs first. Hire an auto cleaning company to maintain the look of your vehicle before you head out on Florida’s busy highways this summer.