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Tips to Make Your Car Look New

Tips to Make Your Car Look New

Tips to Make Your Car Look New

Regardless of your car’s age, you can make it look its best by following some top-secret tips known to only a few people who do auto detailing for a living.

Start With a Rinse

While it may seem logical to apply soap first to your dirty car, this will only grind in the dirt and dust. In fact, it may scratch the car’s paint job. Instead, start by rinsing the entire car. Start at the dirtiest points and move to the cleanest until you have rinsed the entire car.

Select Car Wash Soap

Many people get in a hurry and grab their dishwashing soap when they are ready to wash their car. This is a huge mistake because dishwashing soap is too harsh. Instead of cleaning your car, it will suck the oil out of the finish. If you are going to wash your car at home, then make sure you use a good soap designed for automobiles.

Skip the Sponge

If you have ever run a piece of sandpaper across your arm, then you know the grit does not feel good when it meets your skin. Yet, many people do the same thing to their automobiles by washing them with a sponge. The dirt gets trapped inside the pores of the sponge and can scratch your car’s surface. Choose a microfiber mitt instead to get all the dirt off without harming your car’s finish.

Use Two Buckets

While you may want to use a water hose to rinse your car in the beginning, you need to use two buckets when handwashing your car. Put soapy water in one and clear water in the other. Start by dipping the mitt into the soapy water. Then, dip the mitt into the clear water and swirl it around until no dirt remains on the mitt. Now, dip it into the soapy water and continue until you have completely washed the car.

Dry With a Microfiber Cloth

Do not wash too big of an area at one time before returning to dry the car with a microfiber cloth. While many people use chamois towels to dry their automobiles, if you have missed any grit, then the chamois moves it around with your towel, which may scratch your car’s paint job. Instead, use a microfiber towel and shake it out often as this type of towel will pick up any grit.

Polish Before Waxing

You need to polish your car before waxing it. Use a dual-action polisher to complete this important task because using a buffer can harm the car’s finish since it can get too hot if you do not move it fast enough. If you notice any scratches, then fix them before waxing your car.

Auto detailing is a lot of hard work. Skip all the hassles by hiring Detailz Fine Auto Cleaning Inc to detail your car. Their professionals know all the tricks to get your car looking sharp again.