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Why You Should Have Your Car Detailed Before Winter

Why You Should Have Your Car Detailed Before Winter

Why You Should Have Your Car Detailed Before Winter

When winter weather rolls in, it introduces many travel restrictions and challenges.  Your car needs to be reliable and trustworthy despite the snow, ice, and cold temperatures that winter brings.  There are many ways to prepare your vehicle for a long winter, such as making sure the oil is changed and the tires have been updated.  Another service to invest in is an auto detailing service, which will work to protect your car from the exposure to extreme elements of winter.  There are a few reasons why you should invest in a car detailing service to prepare your vehicle for the extreme winter ahead.

Protects Your Car's Tires

Your car's tires have the hardest job of all during the winter.  They need to work efficiently in order to ensure safe and timely reactions to snowfalls and ice buildups on the road.  By treating them, you can optimize their performance.  Tire dressings will help to prevent exposure and damage from the outside elements of winter.  Not only will this help them function, but it will make them look good while doing it.

Cleans Wheels and Rims

If you have invested in expensive, attractive wheels and rims, you want them to stay this way all winter long.  Thoroughly cleaning and sealing your rims will help prevent winter damage.  Each individual tire will need to be removed, properly cleaned, and sealed to promote longevity and keep them looking attractive throughout the winter months.

Reduces Paint Oxidation

In winter weather, your car is exposed to snow, ice, salt, and dirt that can damage the paint on the sides and bottom of your car.  Often times, these elements are left on there for a period of time before you have a chance to wash your car.  This can allow the paint to oxidize and wear away.  By getting your car detailed, you will have a protective layer of wax blocking these elements from damaging the paint on the exterior of your car.

Treats Leather Interior and Surfaces

Due to extremely low temperatures, winter is tough on leather interior surfaces as well.  Many people do not think about this when they prepare their car for winter, because it is not directly exposed to the weather like the exterior.  It is important to treat your leather in order to prepare it for the cold temperatures ahead.  By treating your leather with a conditioner used in auto detailing, you will be able to help prevent the cold, dry air from removing the leather's moisture and causing lasting damage.

Auto detailing is a popular service that allows even old cars to feel brand new.  Many people love this feeling.  However, the detailing process actually can help increase the lifespan of your car and help prevent damage caused by extreme weather and temperatures.  As an auto detailing service in Washington D.C., we at Detailz Fine Auto Cleaning Inc offer exceptional auto detailing services to prepare our clients for the long winters in the area.