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How to Properly Clean Your Car

How to Properly Clean Your Car

How to Properly Clean Your Car

Do you regularly wash your car?  Are you interested in keeping the exterior of your car clean?  Whenever you drive your car, you are exposing it to the elements in the environment and other dirty aspects of the world, such as bugs, dirt, bird droppings, and more.  Without washing your car, materials can build up and damage paints.  Our auto cleaning in Washington DC provides quality car cleaning services that will have your vehicle looking like new.  These are the steps you need to take to properly clean your car.

Rinse the Car

First, you'll want to rinse the car to remove any loose dirt or debris.  Removing loose dirt will preventit from being scrubbed into the exterior of the car, and it will make it easier to clean.  Pre-rinsing is critical in preparing the car for cleaning solution application.  This will also help save you time during the washing process.

Prepare Two Buckets

You'll want to set aside two buckets to use for car cleaning purposes.  Fill one bucket with warm water and then add your cleaning soaps.  Fill the other bucket with only warm water so that you can rinse your sponge in between applications.  You want to be sure to always clean your sponge before returning back to your car to apply more soap.

Start at the Top

Whenever you wash your car, you want to start at the top.  This will allow the dirt to drip downwards instead of dripping into areas that you've already cleaned.  Typically, the dirtiest part of the car is towards the bottom, because this is where the dirt and grime builds up from the road.  By starting at the top, you will avoid having to clean the same area twice.

Rinse and Dry

Be sure to rinse the car frequently in order to avoid water spots, especially when it is warm.  When drying, always use microfiber towels to avoid streaking and leave the surface looking shiny.  Even if you go through an automatic car wash, you should still dry with these towels to give a perfectly clean look.

Wax Your Car

As a final step to leave a polished look, you should apply a layer of wax to your car.  This will help to keep your car cleaner for a longer period of time.  This will help to preserve the paint color and quality and it will also leave your car with a shiny coat.

By following these steps, you will properly clean the exterior of your car.  There are many benefits to washing your car, like preserving your paint color, preventing chips and color damage, and enhancing its appearance.  If you are looking for quality auto cleaning in Washington DC, contact us today to schedule an appointment with our expert car washing team.